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Preparing for the inevitable truth: Exams!

There is this one thing, one harsh reality from which everyone has to go through. Everyone has to face this and that too from early stages of life. And that is called Exams. Whenever a child is born, soon after years of fun and home learning, the child is admitted to the school and hence the cycle starts. Then to pass every year and to go to the next class and to be promoted out of school towards college and from that to a decent job, that person has to give a numerous number of exams to make his life worth something.

Well one can never stop the annual judgment days, so in order to kick the stress out and rock your exams like the coldplay rocks its concert, just pay attention to what you are about to read further.

So, first of all no matter what exam are you preparing for, there are only ten tips to achieve good marks and handle your exams like a pro.

  1. Start Early – Don’t sweat up, you don’t have to dig in you books just at the very beginning of the classes. Take time and start almost three weeks prior to the exams.
  2. Make Schedule – Don’t go all subject at once, instead, make a proper studying schedule and start following it. You can start by making the schedule even before three weeks. Just try hard to stick to the schedule.
  3. Comprehend With Style – Don’t study the old way, just make a small slide or a PowerPoint presentation including all the diagrams, statistics and the flow charts fill them with striking points which can easily make you remember the topic of your choice.
  4. Revise Previous Papers – Make sure you revise all your internal sessions papers as your final exams are made from those or if you have an entrance exam then try to find previous years exam papers.
  5. Make flash cards and notes – don’t forget to take down notes whenever you study so that it lingers in your brain for a while. Prepare flash cards too if you want to learn better.
  6. Teach Others – Teach others if you feel like explaining to them would make your hold of that topic strongly and never feel shy to ask from others if you don’t understand any of the point in your notes.
  7. Take Breaks – Take regular breaks in between your study time, don’t go playing or anything just wander in your room for a little and listen to a soft soothing song that plays in your head to relax.
  8. Use BrainSnacks – Always use snacks which do not alter thinking capabilities of your brain. Just don’t eat that burger and instead go for an apple with some almonds and other dry fruits for a change.
  9. Don’t stress out – do not be stressed at all, even if you didn’t start studying, make important points and finish with them first and then focus towards less important stuff but don’t feel stressed at all.
  10. Stay Hydrated – Do not forget to drink enough water in your studying time. It’s a scientific fact that brain functions efficiently when you are hydrated. So never miss out on water whenever you feel thirsty.

Try these steps and you would find exams days as pleasing as any other day and would rock your exam well.

July 20, 2016

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