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meaning :

  1. a keg of drinking water with a hole cut in it, on board ship;
  2. gossip, rumour, idle chatter;
  3. a drinking fountain for use by the crew of a vessel;
  4. talk or stories about someone that may not be true;

use : nautical; informal.

origin :  scuttle +‎ butt ; In sense of gossip, because sailors would gather around the scuttlebutt to drink and exchange gossip; compare water cooler and furphy.

examples :

  1. There’s been some scuttlebutt that the Enterprise is going to be involved in something pretty big, but that’s all it is.
  2. According to scuttlebutt in the financial markets, the company will be downsizing soon.
  3. This is fodder for schoolyard scuttlebutt, a ‘guaranteed to be repeated until you’re sick of it’ situation that will definitely work your last nerve.
  4. What was the scuttlebutt as to his court-martial; was that because he had the unregistered or private weapon?

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October 23, 2015

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