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meaning :

  1. denoting a deposit or formation that originated at a distance from its present position;
  2. not formed in the region where found;
  3. buried or found in a place remote from the site of formation;
  4. originating in a place other than where it is found;

use : geology.

origin :  Ancient Greek ἄλλος ‎(állos, “other”) + χθών ‎(khthṓn, “earth, ground”)

examples :

  1. However, this does not prove that the Moine rocks necessarily constitute an allochthonous terrane in the North American sense.
  2. Although some skeletal remains are evidently allochthonous, other remains are probably parautochthonous.
  3. The fossils of the westernmost exposures of the Hoko River Formation are allochthonous, preserved in reworked concretions within conglomerates that were deposited as part of a submarine fan system during late Eocene time.

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October 18, 2015

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