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meaning :

  1. adoption or advocacy, as of a cause or principle;
  2. an act of adopting or supporting a cause, belief, or way of life;
  3. adoption of a plan, cause, or idea;
  4. (archaic) a marriage or engagement;

use : singular; archaic.

origin :  From Middle English, from Old French espousailles, from Latin sponsalia ‎(“a betrothal”), neuter plural of sponsalis.

examples :

  1. Common to all these groups, either white or black, is either a total reinterpretation of Biblical text to support a racist agenda or an espousal of neo-pagan beliefs.
  2. His espousal of the cause of Edgar the Atheling led the Conqueror to regard him with suspicion.
  3. After the espousal the maiden returned once more to her parents’ home. (usage as marriage)
  4. There is a note of considerate caution in his espousal of new ideas

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October 13, 2015

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