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NGOs and development

Every country has its own administration system and that is the government. The government looks out for everything. Be it social welfare, economic issue, defence and any other factor that is important for the nation and its people are looked upon by the government itself. The government has made our lives easier and comfortable. Well the government tries to look for all and they have, but their system is so flexible that if any section of people too want to help the society without being related to the government, we have the option to start a non-government organization for the purpose of social benefit.


A NGO is defined as an organization which has been formed for the welfare of the people who are deprived of certain status due to various factors and they work nonprofit. Well now there are so many NGOs in the India itself as the fact says that there are almost 1 NGO for every 600 people in India. And they all have the same goal, making India a better place to live. There are many types of NGOs, some support women empowerment, some promote child education, some promote safe sex and some even promote efficient family planning. NGOs have acted as the catalyst for the development in India in many ways. Almost every NGO in India has been established to make the societies better and they have helped the government in pursuing the path of development.

Projects such as art of living, Nanhi kali, Vastra samman and many more, the NGOs have changed the way the system works and have allowed the common people to be a part of the movement which is noble of all. The NGOs have developed the level of education in the villages, empowered women in villages, gave rise to feminism, helped the kids get proper treatment and helped aged people and orphans in living a good life that no one dreamt of.

Well with the development of NGOs and the voluntary organizations for the social welfare, people have also become changed and consider being a part of something that triggers development. The NGOs have educated people, they have made skilled labors, they have given power to feminism, they have given rise to employment, they have made India more advanced technically and they even find new ways to tackle problems that arise in the modern world. For example, the NGO Santaan Foundation has made it their only mission and vision to help the parent meet their child whom they lost due to any reason by the use of modern technology and this is a pleasant scenario which has made some lives happy.

There are a certain ways by which these NGOs operate and the primary sources of their income are donations from the people and this also comes with a benefit of tax rebate for the donors. So the government has made this a win-win situation. So don’t wait up to do the good work if you have ever planned working for the people selflessly and make world a better place!

July 21, 2016

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