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Should our literacy rate concern us?

If all the readers of this article are up to date with the present literacy scenario in India then they would know that the present literacy rate in India is 74.04% which isn’t alarming at moment but the question is that this much satisfying literacy rate concern us?

Well Yes! The literacy rate of a country is a socio-economic issue and is one of the most important factors that the government needs to pay attention to it. As what the facts say for now, the present rate of India’s literacy is lower than the average literacy rate of the world is which is 84% and adding to that, India is considered as the least country having the world’s largest illiterate population. Gender discrimination being a catalyst to most of our problems, it also has made female population lower than male population in terms of literacy rate and I do not need to go in details to explain that as we all are educated enough to know and perceive that how women are discouraged in our society.

Well the literacy rate has grown so much from the time of independence as it was only 12% in 1947 and now in 2016 its almost 74%. But the gap of 60 years in between would make that growth very low and depressing. Being in a free country and a democratic country, where the power has been given to people, it would be sad to say that most of them are not literate. But there are many reasons to that. The literacy rate differs in multiple states and there are few states having more than 90% of literacy rate but others don’t even have 60% of literacy rate.

Well this does concern us, being a third world country, being at 74% literacy would make us only poor. Well for a nation’s growth, the country needs its citizen to earn more and pay more taxes so that we could progress nationally, but the lower literacy rate prevents that. A country with less educated people will not easily path towards development. It’s a common understanding that if the people won’t be educate much, they won’t earn much and that would ultimately lead to lower standards of living for them which is not applauding.

And the most important reason is that the diversity of rural and urban areas in India. Well we do have more villages than we have well developed cities and they are for sure backward in everything and education is not more important to them than their daily bread so they don’t make it to schools or colleges and get education.

Literacy rates needs to grow up fast. Despite the government efforts through various schemes they only manage to make a growth of 9% in 10 years which are not good enough numbers.

Well, food for thought, there is an African-American proverb “Each one teach one”. Considering the statistics and effectiveness of this method, it can boost up the literacy rates at much higher speed. So maybe we are the key for this literacy rate to go up in no time!

July 19, 2016

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