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How speech affects personality?

Nowadays, one’s personality has become a very important trait in a person to attract other people around him or her. Now people spend so much in effective lifestyles to enhance their personality traits so that they are considered modern and up to date with the new trends.


Now, it’s not like that it never happened in the past, yes even the mightiest of the king were to maintain their personality by wearing gold ornaments and heavy clothes to make them superior to the common man. Well yes, the personality is definitely the important character one has to focus on. If you are going to meet another person for the very first time, the only thing they would notice is how you carry yourself, how you dress, and how your personality is. The personality of a person is defined as sum of total mental, emotional, physical and social characteristics of and individual.

Well, but now, the personality of a person is now perceived as only the physical appearances and how he behaves socially. To enhance a personality one goes hard in the gym, buys latest of the clothes, get the latest Iphones, but what one forgets is that speech is also an important part of the personality but no one focuses on that.

But if we deeply look upon, the speech can be considered as one of the most important aspect in personality development. Understand this with a simple way, let’s say you have been set up for an interview and you are asked questions about the subject you particularly know, but you have a hard time explaining your views to the interviewers but you have deep knowledge and keen understanding of the subject. But here the reason you failed to express would be lack of speech and this would surely affect your personality.

And a person is unable to communicate well then all the other factors of your personality remains hidden. The person won’t be able to showcase his personality and if nothing is done in that regard than the person would be unable to mark his growth. And that’s how speech affects a person’s personality. But this can easily be overcome with the speech practicing. Focusing on important words, pronouncing the words properly, taking pauses at the right time, making polite speech and not rushing into things do make space for effective speech which can be of benefit for a person who focuses on personality.

Good speech makes you stand out of the rest and make you more confident about everything and even about yourself. Good speech makes you mentally sound and a person of deep perspective that affects positively on your life. Good speech also enhances the relationships you have with other people and that leads to a happy social life. Good speech also lets the others take interest in you and take you seriously and pay attention to what you speak. So don’t just be like rest and improve your speech to complement the nice person in you and make your personality impactful.

July 19, 2016

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