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This is not a video course. Video course on Complete Vedic Mathematics is available here. 

Mathematical Skills are one of the most important aspect of normal life. You need good mathematical acumen at every point of life. Be it shopping in a supermarket or working in office, a good neck for maths always helps!

With the introduction of technology in our lives, nowadays people are more dependent on calculators, mobiles or computers for even small calculations. But we feel learning some skills will always benefit us.

Vedic Math is one such technique which can help in faster mathematical calculations. Vedic Math is one of the widely used mathematical trick all over the world. With this course we will help you in understanding the basic tricks of Vedic Math.

Check out our blog on Vedic Math!

Course is divided into the following topics:

1.  All from 9, Last from 10.

2.  One more than one before.

3.  Vertical and Cross-wise.

4.  Few other tricks.


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