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“Statistics is the study of the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data.[1] In applying statistics to, e.g., a scientific, industrial, or societal problem, it is conventional to begin with a statistical population or a statistical model process to be studied.” – Wikipedia

About Course

This course is designed for someone with no or some knowledge about the subject. Even if you are familiar with statistics, it is a good idea to take this course as it covers almost all the subjects in stats with basic to intermediate level of detail. We will learn about subjects in modern statistics and some practical applications
of statistics. We will also lay out some of the background mathematical concepts required to begin studying statistics. This is a text based course.

Why should you learn Statistics?

Imagine reading a book for the first few chapters and then becoming able to get a sense of what the ending will be like – this is one of the great reasons to learn statistics. With the appropriate tools and solid grounding in statistics, one can use a limited data/sample(first few chapters in this case) to make intelligent and accurate statements about the population(the ending of the book) . This is what knowing statistics and statistical tools can do for you.

In today’s information-overloaded age, statistics is one of the most useful subjects anyone can learn. Newspapers are filled with statistical data, and anyone who is ignorant of statistics is at risk of being seriously misled about important real-life decisions such as what to eat, who is leading the polls, how dangerous smoking is, etc. Knowing a little about statistics will help one to make more informed decisions about these and other important questions.

What you need to know to take this course?

Well, if you want to become an expert in the subject, there are loads of things you need to be proficient in. Since stats is a diverse subject, the knowledge you need solely depends on the kind of stats you are studying.  For example, a strong background of Linear Algebra is required for multivariate statistics. Background of calculus is useful in any branch of stats, though it not required for this course.

To take this course you should have knowledge of basics mathematics, mostly algebra and few other things which we will learn in the course.

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This course is created using the content from wikibooks under creative commons license


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