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The aim of this course is to provide you with a hands-on, practical toolkit for you to develop your brand writing skill.

The unit is in two parts. In order to become a credible digital copywriter, a copywriter with a focus on the web (blogging, web copy, Facebook posts, tweets, etc), you have to understand the rules of traditional copywriting (copywriting for print, radio and television advertising, brochures, catalogues, etc). The first half of this unit will teach you the basics of traditional copywriting. The second half will adapt that knowledge with a focus on writing for the web.

The content of this course has been adapted from a peer-reviewed module taught at Falmouth University at undergraduate, postgraduate as well as external career and professional development level. To gain the best experience, we invite you to view and approach this as a course.


Copywriting is an invaluable and transferable skill.Once you understand the basic tenets of producing effective brand copy, you should see more focus and confidence when it comes to producing other forms of business communication: from emails to reports.

Compelling brand copywriting is a crucial component of any organization’s brand marketing. It lets you speak directly to your audience’s need, in their language, through marketing collateral or digital media. If your copy isn’t underpinned by a clear, audience-centric strategy, it runs the risk of being passed over, and this leaves the door wide open for the competition to speak more directly to your audience’s need.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop basic writing skills and the ability to adapt and apply them to producing brand copy
  • Concept development skills and the ability to develop a diverse range of creative brand copy ideas
  • Develop your critical thinking via analysis of written copy concepts and writing examples
  • Develop the ability to systematically and effectively plan branding copy
  • Develop skills in applying appropriate research methods, legal and ethical considerations to concepts and copywriting
  • Understand how to write for different media: Radio, Television, Print and Online
  • Develop ideas for new media: social media, facebook, mobiles, online gaming, applications, crowd sourcing and internet
  • Develop an understanding of digital copywriting and publishing law

Course content

  • The principles of copywriting and its components.
  • The principles of copywriting elements.
  • How to understand the audience you are writing for.
  • The role of psychology in copywriting.
  • Copywriting contexts.
  • The importance of copywriting structure: strong written opening sentences and paragraphs, the inverted pyramid of writing and strong closings.
  • The principles of developing strategic brand story ideas, and research.
  • The principles of publishing law.

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