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Branding is the foundation of everything we do in telling the stories about our products, our services and the experiences that we offer. Everything we do connects back to branding. This one point is so important…we’re going to say it again: everything marketers do comes back to branding.

This course introduces you to the concept and different aspects of branding. The aim of this course is to provide you with a hands-on, practical toolkit for you to develop your brand…and communicate you’re brands values and unique selling points (USPs) more effectively.

The content of this course has been adapted from a peer-reviewed module taught at Falmouth University at undergraduate, postgraduate as well as external career and professional development level. To gain the best experience, we invite you to view and approach this as a course.


Building and managing a successful brand is one of the key business drivers today. At the heart of any effective brand strategy is attaining the ability to develop brand vision and insight to engage a target audience. This understanding, in turn, develops a strategic approach to designing an integrated marketing plan – embedding quality and excellence at every stage of a brand communication. Great brand plans communicate how a brand will be built and protected.

Creating a brand plan may seem like an overwhelming task. By breaking each component of a brand plan into bite size chunks of study, learners will be able to identify the important components and elements of their own brand – in preparation for writing an effective brand plan at the end of the module. Individuals will learn leading-edge brand concepts, enabling them to bring new ideas and skills back to their own company, business, organization or service.

This course will be especially useful for individuals preparing a brand plan for the first time, or are reviewing the effectiveness of their current plans. It is also invaluable for senior managers who have to evaluate the brand plans submitted to them by marketing specialists.

Learning outcomes

  • Define the tangible and intangible components and elements of a brand that influence consumer perceptions.
  • Developing a market and brand positioning analysis.
  • Define who your audience is and its tribes:  who they are, where they live, what they do and what they care about.
  • Generate ideas for and approaches to strategic brand storytelling.
  • Generate ideas for and approaches to establishing an emotional connection with an audience.
  • Develop and write an insightful strategic brand plan.

Course content

  • The principles of branding, brand benefits and components.
  • The principles of brand strategy and brand planning.
  • How to generate ideas for brand strategy including the contents of the brand positioning statement.
  • The role of marketing communications.
  • Planning and evaluating the performance of the brand.
  • The principles of being a responsive brand.
  • The principles of brand reputation management.
  • The principles behind creating a ‘Living Brand’.

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