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Course Curriculum

Social Choice
GTO2-1-01: Social Choice: Taste 00:03:00
GTO2-1-02: Social Choice: Voting Schemes 00:16:00
GTO2-1-03: Social Choice: Paradoxical Outcomes 00:09:00
GTO2-1-04: Social Choice: Impossibility of Non-Paradoxical Social Welfare Functions 00:04:00
GTO2-1-05: Social Choice: Arrow’s Theorem 00:32:00
GTO2-1-06: Impossible of Non-paradoxical Social Choice Functions 00:07:00
GTO2-1-07: Single-Peaked Preferences 00:07:00
Mechanism Design
GTO2-2-01: Mechanism Design: Taste 00:03:00
GTO2-2-02: Mechanism Design: Implementation 00:18:00
GTO2-2-03: Revelation Principle 00:09:00
GTO2-2-04: Impossibility of General, Dominant-Strategy Implementation 00:11:00
GTO2-2-05: Transferable Utility 00:09:00
GTO2-2-06: Mechanism Design as an Optimization Problem 00:19:00
Vickrey-Clarke-Groves Mechanisms
GTO2-3-01: VCG: Taste 00:10:00
GTO2-3-02: VCG Mechanisms: Definitions 00:18:00
GTO2-3-03: VCG Example 00:07:00
GTO2-3-04: Limitations of VCG 00:11:00
GTO2-3-05: Individual Rationality and Budget Balance in VCG 00:16:00
GTO2-3-06: Myerson-Satterthwaite Theorem 00:19:00
GTO2-4-01: Auctions: Taste 00:04:00
GTO2-4-02: Auctions: Taxonomy 00:14:00
GTO2-4-03: Bidding in Second-Price Auctions 00:07:00
GTO2-4-04: Bidding in First-Price Auctions 00:13:00
GTO2-4-05: Revenue Equivalence 00:40:00
GTO2-4-06: Optimal Auctions 00:22:00
GTO2-4-07: More Advanced Auctions 00:12:00
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