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    Course Description

    • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Java
    • Taught by a Stanford-educated, ex-Googler, husband-wife team
    • Please don’t take this class if you have already signed up for our From 0 to 1: Learn Java Programming course (that includes a far longer and more in-depth version of this material)

    This is a quick and handy course with exactly what you need to know (nothing more, nothing less!) about java multithreading and concurrency.

    Let’s parse that.

    • The course is quick and handy: It explains multithreading and concurrency in Java in just the right level of detail for you to put these to work today.
    • The course has exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less. It starts from zero, builds up the design, then gives plenty of real-world examples, but crisply and quickly.
    • The course is also quirky. The examples are irreverent. Lots of little touches: repetition, zooming out so we remember the big picture, active learning with plenty of quizzes. There’s also a peppy soundtrack, and art – all shown by studies to improve cognition and recall.

    What’s covered:

    • Context: Why threading matters, and why it is getting more important as CPU architectures evolve and cloud-computing catches on
    • The basics: threads, processes, shared memory and inter-thread communcation
    • Old-school Java threading: Runnable and Thread objects and using them
    • New-age Java threading: Callable and Future objects, executors and other services
    • Semantics: the synchronized and volatile keywords
    • Case study: Double-checked locking and the singleton pattern

    What are the requirements for taking this course?

    • This course calls for a basic working knowledge of Java

    What are you going to get from this course?

    • Over 13 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    • Manage concurrency and threading issues in a multi-threaded environment
    • Use (and debug!) Java threading support – both old (runnables) and new (callables, futures)
    • Identify, detect and prevent all common concurrency bugs
    • Use and truly understand the synchronized keyword

    Who is this course for?

    • Yep! Folks who know some Java but are entirely new to java multithreading or writing concurrent code

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