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Practice Big Data Technologies, Hadoop, Spark using cloudxlab-logo


Course Description

This course teaches you hadoop from scratch with an example based and hands on approach.

Master the Fundamental Concepts of Big Data and Hadoop with ease

  • Understand the Big Data & Apache Hadoop landscape
  • Learn HDFS & MapReduce concepts with examples and hands on labs

Big Data and Data Science Foundation to empower you with the most specialized skills

The core concepts are stressed upon and the focus is on building a solid foundation of the key Hadoop, Map Reduce and collaborative filtering concepts upon which you can learn just about every other technology in the same space. Preliminary Java and Unix knowledge is expected.

Contents & Overview

Through 24 lectures and over 4 hours of content, we will take a step-by step approach to understanding Big Data and related concepts from scratch.

The first few topics will focus on the rise of Big Data and how Apache Hadoop fits in. We will focus on the fundamentals of Hadoop and its core components: HDFS and Map Reduce. We will then setup and play around with Hadoop and HDFS and then deep dive into MapReduce programming with hands on examples. We will also spend time on Combiners and Partitioners and how they can help.

After taking this course you will be at ease with playing aroundwith HDFS, and writing MapReduce jobs. So go ahead and enroll to crack that Big Data/Data Science interview and clear that certification exam!

What are the requirements for taking this course?

  • A basic knowledge of Unix will make the course smoother
  • Basic knowledge of Object Oriented programming and Java will be handy

What are you going to get from this course?

  • 24 lectures and over 4 hours of content!
  • Easily crack Big Data interviews & get ready for Hadoop Certification exams!
  • Get practical knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop without spending too much time and money and become a high paying Big Data resource!
  • Program in Map Reduce.
  • Pick up deeper details of Map Reduce and Data Science quickly

Who can take this course?

  • Any one interested in learning about Big Data and Hadoop concepts
  • Any one wanting to clear the Hadoop Certification exam
  • Any one wanting to clear Big Data related interviews with ease

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