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Modern Day Attraction: Civil Services

Civil Services, the most elite white collar job presently in the country. It is a type of gold, which is found by only few, and those who work hard to achieve it. I consider that the golden ball of the quidditch game (Harry Potter reference). Well this golden ball has millions of people have their hand tried over itself, but it doesn’t come in hands easily. Only people who are willing to put their maximum of time in the preparation and efforts, those who push themselves to the limits, those are the ones who get this prestigious job.

Well, nowadays the civil services examinations has become much of a thing now. It is aspired by millions of candidates in India itself. Wherever one cam go, in every state, he would find thousands of coaching institutions in a single state for the same civil services, primarily being Bihar. They take it to heart and some of them devote almost 12- 15 hours daily in preparing for the civil services exam. So, baffled by the fact I wanted to find out the reason and I did some research and what I found out was interesting.

So, the very first reason people choose over the civil services is that these exams are tough. It is like that when you prepare for engineering, you prepare for the IIT. And it’s same over here too. Some statistics revealed that in the year 2014, only one out of 7400 candidates would be selected in the IAS exams. It is by far the greatest number of odds and this will reach to almost one in 10,000 candidates in the coming years. So greater is the competition, greater is the interest in the subject.

Another prime reason for this tight competition is the power. Well, if a person clears the civil services exam and finally gets selected as a civil servant he/she achieves supreme power among the normal people and unlike MLAs and MPs their time limit is certain till retirement. Many regimes have rose and failed due to blind power, and if passing an exam can give you power over others, one would love to get in that competition.

But this competition has achieved new levels and even the people who have completed their engineering degree are looking to clear the civil services which results in wasted time and efforts. Now suppose, ten students were selected in the IIT Delhi, the scored good marks and they got well placed in their jobs, but when they know about the civil services, they start preparing for the civil services. And that would finally result in the loss of ten brilliant engineers and wasted years of useless efforts.

Well the civil services have become a modern day attraction to the youngsters who are willing to push themselves beyond the limits and despite everything, this country is soon to fall in hands of effective administration and we can only hope that the coming generation would always make sustainable decisions. So if you are one of them who was is preparing for the same. Best of luck!

July 27, 2016

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